History of Franklin Surplus, Inc.

Franklin Surplus was founded in 1911 by Frank Franklin. It's first location was in Seymour, Indiana on Pine Street where Schneck Medical Center is now. In the 1950s, Frank's son Robert Edison Franklin (wife, Louise Franklin) took over the business. At this time the business was known as Franklin Brothers. The scrap metal recycling industry was vastly different than it is today. At that time they bought not only scrap metal, but also fur, paper, nylon, cardboard, intertubes, and even rags (there are stories about the "ragman" coming around buying these). Cleaning scrap metal in these days was not easy. No machinery was available or affordable. Sometimes a hammer and chisel was used to clean metal. In 1974 after the death of Robert Edison, his son, Robert Eugene Franklin (today's current owner-wife is Bonnie Franklin) took over the business. It was renamed Franklin Scrap. His brother Frank "Bo" Franklin would soon follow him as co-owner, but he was still in high school at the time. At this time Franklin Scrap bought scrap metal and furs. Handling scrap metal was still not easy, using pole, or wrecker trucks and loading much by hand. Around 1987, the scrapyard moved to its current location in North Vernon, Indiana with Bob and Bo as the owners. The name also changed to Franklin Surplus, Inc. Today the business has grown enormously. Franklin Surplus does scrap metal recycling on a large scale, serving sites all over the United States. Robert "Bob" Franklin and Frank "Bo" Franklin are still the owners and now Bob's children are also involved in the business.


Pictured are brothers Bob and Bo Franklin (current owners of Franklin Surplus, Inc. and their sister.

A Long Time Ago...

Pictured are former owner Oscar Franklin and his children.